Thursday, March 15, 2018

Pre-Order (open for GEO brand only)

Pre-Order (open for GEO brand only)

*pre-order: Items will only arrive in about 3-4 weeks time after the spree is close for order.

PRICES for Pre-order: (exclude postage)

1,2,3 Tones : RM30 @ 10USD
Super : RM32 @ 11USD
Special: RM40 @ 14USD

FOR PURCHASING 2 Pairs and above (can mix with diff types of lens)
1 Tone : RM25 @ 8USD
2 Tones: RM27 @ 9USD
3 Tones & Super : RM29 @ 10USD
Special: RM37 @12USD

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1 Tone: Black Circle Lens/ Brown Circle Lens/ Conventional Soft Lens

2 Tones: Nudy/ Angel/ Tearful/ Fresh

3 Tones: Tri-color/ Wing (Olive)/ YH-Series

Super (New): UCK Ultra black/HC, BS, CC XCM & XCH, series (14.7 mm)

Special Lens: Animation/ Crazy/ Trend/ Piercing Circle/ Image Color Lens/ Melon/ IM-xxx

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